Katrina Ponce-Enrile, and her daughter Kris, are self-confessed “beauty junkies” and “makeup hoarders,” who have proudly embraced their addiction as a lifelong passion. The two strong women are kindred spirits, united in their love for makeup and the world of beauty, which has become their grownup playground.
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Tell us a little something about what you do?
Business-wise I share a wedding planning company with friends and fellow event organizers called The Bridesmaids and Co. But I also explore my passions in writing and baking by dedicating 2 blogs – and – and a home baking business to that side of myself. Before anything else though, I am a mom of 4 little girls and a wife, which that takes up a good amount of time in the day.

 Give us 5 makeup/beauty products you carry in your bag.
Concealer – to hide the bags under my eyes as well as any other discoloration on my skin; A contour and highlight stick – for a quick enhancement of my features; Brush-on brow gel – to cover any thinning areas on my eyebrows, as well as to keep them groomed; Mascara and an eyelash curler – the one sure shot to brighten up your face by opening your eyes up; Chapstick – I hydrate my lip all day long.
I’m actually a Maybelline (concealer and mascara) girl because I did an ad for them years ago and ever since I liked their products, and they’re quite reasonable. But I also like Laura Mercier (blush), Mac (girl boy brow gel), Shu (lash curler), and Benefit (contour and highlight).

When did your love for makeup begin?
I’m actually not as into make up as the next girl, if I’m being honest. As a teen I enjoyed experimenting, and I see my eldest daughter at that stage now. But when I was very actively modeling, I always had to have a lot of thick make up to hold up to the light, and that made me appreciate being bare faced. That being said, I do like being made up and looking like the best version of myself from time to time, when the occasion calls for it.

Beauty advice you know to be true?
That it is only skin-deep so one must always consider their character over anything else. And moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

What’s your skincare routine?
I use sunblock in the day, then a moisturizer and eye cream at night. I love the products from VMV because they are completely natural. My favorite from their line is Armada, which is 70 SPF. I only wash my face with water. If I have make-up, I cleanse with something oil based like Shu’s rose oil, then wash with a light facial wash.

What’s your signature/go-to look?
Sun kissed with a nude lip. It’s the easiest to achieve because it isn’t too far from my natural look. I go to the beach a lot, and I know it’s not the best for my skin, but I do love that natural glow you get from being under the sun. I’m just careful about protecting my face.

Who is your beauty icon?
I love Audrey Hepburn and find that everything about her – from her sense of style, to her thick eyebrows and stunning features along with her heart of gold – makes her an unmatched beauty. Plus, she aged so gracefully. Today’s society puts such an importance on your outward appearance, and even through I can understand it to an extent, I think that it causes people to go too far when it comes to maintaining or enhancing their looks. She managed to look as flawless as she did without obsessing over it, which I find completely admirable.

Any favorites/must haves?
Asides from always having lip balm at hand I also carry these 2 staples – alcohol spray and baby cologne. The alcohol spray is for bathroom breaks and keeping my hands germ free, while the cologne is for a fresh pick me up as the day wears on. I believe smelling good and proper hygiene is a huge part of being attractive and beautiful.

Hair and MU by Muriel Vega Perez
Photographed by Dix Perez

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